There’s no questioning that quality artificial and dried flowers are on trend and a brilliant investment for your home. The right arrangement will not only dress up a room to perfection but, if treated with care will last for years. The good news is that tit is very simple to take care of them! So we’ve put together a list of tips for Taking Care of your artificial flowerers. that will guarantee a long, fresh life for them.


Displaying Your Artificial Flowers

While your blooms can be displayed just about anywhere, we ask you keep them out of direct sunlight if possible. Moving them to your Out door area for an afternoon of entertaining is fine, but so be sure to bring them back in afterwards. The sun will fade the colour over time and shorten the lifespan of your blooms, so do make the effort to create a safe space for their long-term display.

PS We’re often asked why we don’t offer arrangements in glass vases with ‘fake water’ (aka water resin) and thought we should quickly explain. First and foremost, water resin is actually highly toxic to work with and something we’d rather keep out of our beautiful design studio. But it’s also not effective long-term as it’s a massive dust-trap (which is almost impossible to clean) and very quickly discolours, developing an unattractive yellow tint. And since we want your blooms to be a worthy investment, we stick to designs and display techniques that will stand the test of time!


Cleaning Your Artificial Flowers

We’re all for prevention vs cure. To avoid getting them too laden with dust, give them an occasional blast with the hairdryer on a cool, low setting. If any dust remains, use a damp microfibre cloth (stay away from paper towels for obvious reasons!) to carefully wipe each piece.


Storing Your Artificial Flowers

It’s a nice idea to give your blooms a holiday now and then, both to extend their lifespan but also so you don’t tire of seeing them. To store them safely, a pillowcase is all you need since it’s soft and breathable while being sturdy enough to protect them. For larger arrangements with loose stems, simply remove the stems and wrap carefully in a pillowcase, putting them on a top shelf where they’re not at risk of being crushed. For smaller arrangements that can’t be removed from the vase, it’s as easy as putting the entire vase (gently!) into a pillowcase.


A note from Luxury Blooms & Hampers

We’re really proud to offer a more convenient and affordable solution to weekly fresh flowers, but it’s important to remember even thought faux flowers last for months and even years, they still have an expiry date. Absolutely, take care of them and display them for as long as they’re bringing you joy, but if after a couple of years, they’ve lost some of their charm, don’t be afraid to retire them and treat yourself to a new look. Another trick our customers use to extend the lifespan of their blooms and keep them fresh and exciting is to alternate between a couple of arrangements throughout the year to suit their mood or the seasons!

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